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33 Miles Of UK Toyfair…

2013 – Another Brilliant UK Toyfair

Call me anal if you wish, but I wore a pedometer to this week’s UK Toyfair.

Why did I bother among all the other things going on? Because every year, by Day 3, retailers and Licensors get lower and lower on energy, and should you be unlucky enough to have a Day 3 meeting slot you can normally rely on a tough audience. So rather than put this down to the usual after show entertainment, I wanted to see if there was any substance behind the complaints of sore feet.

So to cut a long story short, I covered 11 miles on Day 2 of the show, which if we multiplied that by 3 would = a massive 33 miles of walking in 3 days. So there you go, for all you stand dwellers, there’s a good reason to have the most comfortable seats at the show!

Anyway, such minute practicalities aside, the 2013 BTHA UK Toyfair was great. The extended space gave greater life and purpose to the mezzanine level. The usual array of celebrities and charcaters walked the aisles, and as we’d expect, some really cool new product was on display.

As ever, many of the best meetings are to be found while walking the hall. For me personally, being a member of one of the biggest Toy industry clubs (the ex-Hasbro club) yet again proved both really useful in a professional/opportunity sense, but also provided a real feeling of warmth and belonging which I’ve never seen at other trade shows.

There are numerous reports out there regarding hot product news, but for me the highlights were Lego’s amazing progression – taking their awesome Brand Management approach to yet another meteoric level with brilliant products, cutting edge own IP and strategic use of Licensing.

Also, John Adam’s HolograFX had the ‘WOW’ factor – check out a video on it here: http://www.toynews-online.biz/news/38092/VIDEO-See-the-worlds-first-holographic-smartphone-toy

Overall, it was a great show, and proof yet again of th sense in moving the show back to Olympia after it’s hiatus to the more isolated Excel centre.