18 November 2014 ~ Comments Off on Insights Into The Toy Market In France

Insights Into The Toy Market In France

Insights Into The Toy Market In France 

In the second in my three part series of articles looking at Europe’s biggest toy markets (UK, France & Germany) we take a closer look at France.

France is one of my favourite countries – both in terms of the toy business and outside the toy business (I regularly holiday/vacation there!). It is a beautiful and wonderful country, with so much culture, history and amazing people.

However, it is not always the easiest country to do business in, certainly when compared with the other 2 markets this article series is looking at.

The toy market in France offers considerable opportunity – it is after all one of the top 5 or 6 toy markets in the world at any given point, but to wander blindly into a market with significant complexities is to invite often unforeseen consequences, and ultimately failure!

The article outlines some factors to be aware of, as well as general information on the French toy market.

The article is published on the official blog of Spielwarenmesse – the largest toy trade show in the world held every year in Nuremberg, Germany. Here’s the link to read the article and find out more about the Spielwarenmesse:


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