One of the most common enquiries we get is: “Can you help us make more Export sales.”

Our most common answer to that question is: “Probably, but can you tell us more.”

What most often happens is that the value we provide is as much in upfront planning, consultation and strategy formulation as it is in actually introducing clients to potential customers/strategic partners.

The bottom line is that we don’t operate in the same way as international sales reps tend to. We work on a Consultancy/retainer basis, which creates a relationship whereby we can provide maximum value for clients versus taking a rep approach and trying to sell anything to any one. Seriously, that might sound ok in principle, but in practise it’s often disastrous without the right thinking and the right co-ordinated strategies!

So if you are looking to pay a commission only rep, stop reading this now – that isn’t us!

If however, you accept that the path to an established export sales business can take time to build, and that working with a specialist Consultancy can vastly reduce the time taken/costs incurred/deliver more secure long term sales then perhaps you should get in touch with us to see if TOY EXPORT BOOSTER™ can work for you…


Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What are your credentials, can you explain why you are good at this/worth working with?

ANSWER: We have databases including over 4,000 toy manufacturers and distributors around the world, we have built this up over time. We have relationships with many hundreds of toy and game companies around the world, including North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania & beyond.

In previous roles Steve worked for Hasbro managing major brands across Europe, and for other companies setting up international/global toy distribution.

We have the knowledge to help you create winning strtaegies and we have the contacts and relationships to open doors that would otherwise remain closed to you. And because we work with multiple clients, we are constantly interacting with toy companies to bring them strong opportunities, which in turn means they are usually more than happy to return our calls/review what we put in front of them.

QUESTION: We want to go direct to retail can you help us?

ANSWER: We can help you set the right strategic plans, we can help you set up rep relationships in most major toy markets, but we don’t tend to work directly with retailers. Our primary contacts around the world are distributors and reps.

QUESTION: What examples can you give of success/business achieved for clients to make it worth paying your retainer fees?

ANSWER: We can’t provide specific named examples because we need to protect client confidentiality, however, here are some topline examples of impact we have had:

  • Established a new category of products for a major company with annual sales of c. $50m.
  • Created export business of close to $5m for another company in Europe.
  • Created opportunity in North America for $multi-million export business for a leading European company.
  • Routinely introduced clients & their product lines to dozens of toy companies around the world.
  • Quadrupled sales in an under exploited sales territory.
  • And more…

QUESTION: Can you guarantee return on our investment in working with you?

ANSWER: Over time we’ve discovered that we are in a perfect position to ‘bring a horse to the trough’, but that we can’t guarantee we can make it drink i.e. we can guarantee that we will help you formulate the right plan for your export business, and that we can introduce you to many of the right companies for you to speak to, but the reality is that it takes time to build relationships of trust, and therefore unless you have this year’s hottest license, the likelihood is that it will take you more than one selling cycle to grow your export sales to any extent. However, once established we (and most people in the toy business) find that as long as you are fair with people and have a continually good product stream you can do business with the same contacts and same companies for years or even decades after.

So we can start you along the road, speed up your journey with some good short cuts and introductions, and we can review lack of progress and help you find solutions, but no we can’t guarantee instant sales success.

QUESTION: What kind of issues can I bring to you when working with you via TOY EXPORT BOOSTER™?

ANSWER: Pretty much anything! We have extensive knowledge of most functions within the toy industry, and if we don’t have exactly the knowledge/solutions you need we nearly always know someone who does!

QUESTION: It’s hard for me to work out how $much my export sales can get to, so it’s hard to know if I can afford/justify using your services, any advice or guidance you can give on this?

ANSWER: It’s hard for us to say without reviewing your business/products, but to be clear, we regularly turn away clients where we feel their product line is not strong enough for us to be fairly confident that it will be worth their while working with us. Our business is driven by word of mouth – when clients have a positive experience working with us they often recommend us to others…so it’s in our interests as well as yours to only take on projects we’re certain we can bring value to!

QUESTION: How do I know if my product line will travel i.e. that it is actually suitable for export business?

ANSWER: The answer to this question begins at home – if you aren’t selling any of your products in your home market/if the products don’t sell off the shelf well, then you are most probably not ready to work with us to grow your export sales. Maybe we could work with you to look at your domestic sales strategy, but if it isn’t selling at home, it probably won’t sell abroad!

QUESTION: Wouldn’t I be better to just hire an export sales manager instead of working with you?

ANSWER: It depends! In some cases maybe, but the average export sales manager doesn’t have our experience/knowledge of different toy markets, what works, product development, brand strategy & management, manufacturing/sourcing etc. So by all means you may decide to hire an export sales manager instead of working with us, but don’t expect too much from them in terms of helping you shape your approach/find alternative solutions to slow progress/roadblocks!

QUESTION: So how much will it cost me to work with you via TOY EXPORT BOOSTER™?

ANSWER: It depends on what’s involved and how long you are likely to need our help for. For more details on costs for working with us, please drop us a line via email:

Email us: Steve Reece