13 February 2013 ~ Comments Off

Great Interview With Brian Goldner, Hasbro CEO

Interview with Brian Goldner, Hasbro’s CEO

In case you didn’t see it, this is a great interview with Brian Goldner, Hasbro’s CEO, on Fox Business.

While parts of this are a bit fluffy for those in the industry, the most striking part is the part where they discuss and show the graphs for Hasbro’s progress from the start of the noughties through to now, which includes originally Al Verrecchia’s time as CEO as well as Goldner’s.

One thing is clear, over the last decade or so, Hasbro have made great strides with their strategy of building their own brands and controlling more of the Entertainment Brands & Entertainment Brand distribution that their products are based on.

Guess the bit missing from this interview is what the encore will be for the next decade, but I’m sensingĀ from the little hints dropped into this interview that there is much more to come!