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How Today’s Kids Interact With Today’s Top Technology

Today’s Kids, Today’s Technology

Here’s the thing we all need to understand about how today’s kids interact with technology – zero tolerance applies!

We may have grown up with malfunctioning barely working technology that promised so much, yet delivered so much frustration.

Today’s kids have not! They just won’t tolerate it!

The iPad generation have caught technology at the first point in time when delivering on the promise, as well as selling the dream have become as one!

This is at least partly due to the effect of online retail/reviews, whereby there is literally no hiding place for products that don’t perform. In previous years, poor quality products, or glossy products which didn’t deliver to expectations could hide to a degree, as there were fewer places / less accessible sources of more independent feedback available.

Today, everything is reviewed and rated, so god help something that doesn’t come up with the goods!

The reality is that today’s Tech products are fantastic in general. Kids of today interact with ease, pleasure and convenience with the ‘smart’ devices that are prevalent.

For my generation who embraced Technology but saw it fall short in terms of user friendlines and reliability, we had to make peace with the fact that interactive Technology came with as much frustration as pleasure/convenience/utility. Our natural impatience had to be tempered by the reality we faced.

Not so today’s kids!

Recently I took my kids to see Disney’s fantastic Wreck It Ralph movie. What a spectacle, what fantastic characters, what mind blowing backgrounds. Anyway, this isn’t a movie review blog, so I’ll leave the film review there…but one of the most interesting features of this film was the struggle that kids had with understanding what a ‘glitch’ is. (one of the characters on the film is described as a ‘glitch’). It dawned on me that these children, mostly born between 2004 and today have had no reason to learn what a glitch is, or to understand what that means.

It took me about an hour of continued effort to explain to their understanding!

So here’s the moral of this story – those companies developing and supplying Tech driven Toys & other products, who use their own perception of what’s acceptable, cool enough or functional enough…WISE UP! You need to look at your product from a Kids viewpoint if you want your product to have a chance of succeeding!

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