Our approach is to work with Toy & Board game companies on a number of levels…by better understanding their business, and building a relationship we can be of greater service overall. Our goal is to deliver competitive advantage to our customers, regardless of where or how we can assist them!

  • Toy Sourcing Consultancy - we work with a closely vetted list of toy & board game factories to offer introductions to toy and board game companies across the world. We work with only reliable, competitively priced, audited factories. If you need help finding the right toy manufacturing, please get in touch to see how we can help. For more information, go to
  • Consumer Insight – interacting with your end consumer is the best way to keep it real! We offer Consumer insight consultancy, where you get the benefit of our knowledge of how and why kids play, through to full research projects, focus groups and quantitative studies. For more information go to 
  • Toy Industry Insight – working with hedge funds, investment companies and others interested in an expert view on the Toy & Game industries. We work with many of the major Expert networks, and as such are fully compliant / au fait with necessary standards and restrictions.
  • Market Entry / Distribution Consultancy – we work with a limited number of Brands to grow their international and domestic distribution. Using our strong global network of contacts (3,000+ Toy companies globally), we can secure the right distribution partners and deals for your business. BUT please note, this service is only available for brands & products with an established track record in their home market. If it won’t sell at home, odds are it won’t sell elsewhere!
  • Recruitment services – utilising our extensive contact networks, and our toy industry knowledge, we are able to find stronger, more relevant candidates for companies looking to hire senior/commercial staff.
  • Inventor representation – we represent professional Inventors. We are in regular contact with concept acquisition teams at the leading Toy companies. However, please note, we don’t accept unsolicited submissions. In the first instance, please drop us an email asking how we can help, and we’ll get back to you with some questions. Again, please don’t send unsolicited submissions without emailing us first, we will automatically delete all emails/attachments etc. which are unsolicited (boring we know, but that’s our policy!). If you are an inventor who has yet to place any products/don’t have sales history behind you, perhaps you could take advantage of our Advisory call service: Advisory call service
  • Brand Licensing Consultancy - strong Brands are the bedrock of successful Toy companies. Brand owners – work with us to boost your Brands & deliver tangible $million returns. For Licensees, we have extensive experience of securing category/industry leading licenses from major corporate brand owners through to one brand licensors.

If you need more details, just email us: Steve Reece