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Practical Guide to Doing Toy Business in Europe

The European Toy market is roughly the same size as North America, so it represents a HUGE opportunity for Toy businesses…but it’s highly fragmented, and if you don’t allow for cultural, economic, legal and commercial differences you won’t succeed here.

This hard hitting, highly practical report has been written based on hands on experience with the Toy industry across Europe. The report format is informal but incisive, and is packed full of things you need to know to succeed, including: European market overview, market by market insight, retail landscape, key players in the industry, product dynamics by market and proven tips and tactics for successfully establishing and growing European Toy & Games businesses.

This report is not full of ethereal stats which you can’t do anything with – instead this report will open the doors to success in the European Toy business by providing practical and actionable insight and information.

Written by Toy industry expert Steve Reece, the report contains both practically minded insight, as well as outlining major pitfalls and risk factors, and how to work around those prudently.

To see Steve’s credentials, click here:

This report comes with a full guarantee – if it doesn’t answer your questions, and give you insight beyond your expectations, you are entitled to a full money back guarantee. (We’ve never been asked to refund yet by the way, which suggests our customers get significant value from this report).

Price: $197.00

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How To Build Multi-Million $$$ Toy Brands

Brands are THE most sought after commodity in the Toy & Games markets. Because with your own commercially successful Brands you can generate more profit, more longevity and security of revenue, and potentially sell your Brands for $many millions. It’s easy to be caught up in the trap of chasing the P&L, of constantly trying to leverage up each individual selling cycle, but in the end, a greater purpose will deliver better results.

Any Toy or Game company that is not aggressively growing it’s own Brands is likely to just spin their wheels.

This written report and workbook reveals how to lay down solid Brand foundations for long term success.

Just because you sell high quantities of a Product/Range you created yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you are building Brand Assets. This report takes you through the stages of Building Toy Brands, how to maximize Brand value, how to get Retailers to take your Brands seriously, how to effectively deploy Marketing that returns tangible results, as well as Brand equity, how to sell your Brands, how to protect your Brands and more.

Don’t expect all ‘pie in the sky theory’…although there is a little bit of that, this is mostly about hard commercial criteria, not theoreticals, based on the experience of a career Brand builder who has managed Brands worth $billions.

Price: $97.00

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How To Explosively Grow Your Toy Distribution

You can have great product, fantastic Marketing, and exceptional business management, but if you can’t get your Toys & Games on the shelf, it counts for nothing. If you can’t get a particular mass market customer to open a trading account with you, if you can’t get backing on a key line, if you can’t get traction in a particular sales territory or channel, this concise report really tells it as it is.

There is often a reason why Toy Retailers don’t take your Product, so firstly this Toy Distribution Report helps you to gauge if you have your ‘ducks in a row’, secondly it looks at the nature of Toy Retail / Toy Distributor buying, from the other perspective, before finally revealing proven tips for getting your sales across the line.

Written by a battle hardened industry veteran who has successfully introduced new Products into 60+ Markets, this is not a light airy fairy Report, it is to the point and blunt, both in terms of being honest with yourself and those in your business, but also about how to shortcut some of the agonising sales process.

Price: $97.00

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55 Features Of Top Selling Board Games

This SHORT pamphlet style book simply outlines 55 Features of Top Selling Board Games.

Not a book to take on a long journey or to spend long hours reading, this is nevertheless full of biting, insightful analysis of what it takes to have a top selling board game from someone who has been there and done it, having managed sales of in excess of 20 million Board Games, and worked on and / or with the majority of best selling Games.

This book is best used as a quick reference guide for those interested in the formula for sales success in the Board Games industry.

This is overtly a commercial book – it’s whole point is to list features of Board Games that SELL. Please note by omission, this is not a book about the benefits of Board Games play (which are substantial) or about how to make games that are great fun or technically robust.

It unashamedly highlights purely features that are all about the hard commerce involved in the Board Games industry.

This book will not work for you if:

- You value verbosity and length in books you read versus concise reference – to reiterate this is a very short pamphlet style book).

- You are close minded and won’t take on board tips from someone who genuinely understands the commercial side of the board games industry.

- You are interested in aesthetics and gameplay mechanisms over shifting boxes. If you fall into one of these Categories, please save your money and don’t buy the book, otherwise go for it!

Price: $9.97

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Secret Success Formulae for Winning Top Licenses

Hot Licenses shift units. That’s proven fact. Even Global Toy market leader Mattel has Licensed Sales of c. 25% total sales. The reality is that hot Licenses drive sales, retail support, and generate cash to reinvest back into Toy businesses. However, Licensing can be very risky, guaranteed royalty payments, under performing Licenses and obsolete stock can really drag company profits down.

This concise practical Report delivers hard fought experience from the ‘sharp end’ of Licensing, having negotiated in excess of 200 Licensing agreements, we distil our experience and knowledge into this document, including:

The key motivators for Toy Licensors, how to deal with highly competitive pitches on Hot Toy Licenses, how to increase your chances of winning the Licenses you want at viable cost, the pitfalls and how to avoid them, the basics of Licensing agreements and more.

No dry theory here, just practical suggestions to help you secure the Licenses you want.

Price: $97.00

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