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Technology To Grow The UK Toy Market In 2013

UK Toy Market Forecast For 2013

We thought that regular readers of this Blog might be interested in Steve’s predictions for the UK Toy Market in 2013. The press release below with Steve’s predictions has just been released…looks like it’ll be another exciting year in the Toy trade!

“Leading Toy Industry Expert, Steve Reece has unveiled his predictions for the UK Toy Industry at the annual UK Toyfair in London.

“We’re going to see winners and losers in 2013, but overall we’re predicting overall growth of a couple of percentage points. There is a huge amount of product innovation happening in the toy industry right now.”

“Kids Tablets have been a huge new factor in the Toy business, but we believe this trend is still in it’s infancy, and as adult targeted Tablets become ubiquitous over the next 2-3 years, so the kids Tablet market will explode. We also see significant growth potential in the Construction & Building Block category, plus continued expansion of sales of Licensed Toy from virtual world and App Brands, and likely follow up from Hasbro on Furby.”

He added “There is also potential upside in terms of Video Game/Toy fusion products such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity, which as yet have not been generally accounted for as part of Toy sales, (instead being seen as Video games), despite taking up significant space within Toy aisles.”

“There are multiple negative influencing factors, not least of which is tough times at retail, however, overall we remain optimistic based on product innovation, and the success in 2012 of high end, high pricepoint Toys.”

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