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The Dust Settles On Social Media For Toy Marketing

Social Media For Toy Marketing – The Mystical Veil Disappears!

We’ve got a real sense of late that at last the opportunity for charlatans and purveyors of over priced smoke and mirrors has receded.

Because the thing that counts with social media is being social i.e. investing time and effort in interacting with people over a period of time.

The over priced, under performing Apps and other bells & whistles that were all the rage for Facebook & other social media have receded somewhat as toy companies have begun to realise more and more that it’s doing the basics right, and above all consistently, which returns the best results.

For sure, as with all marketing, the startpoint is still the marketing objectives i.e. what are you trying to achieve. But once you have that, the confusion that abounded a year or two back is no longer prevalent. People have finally seen through the ‘slick Nick’ sales types and are doing it for themselves.

Even more imporantly, the need to respond and meaningfully interact with end consumers has largely been acknowledged and recognised. Those ‘Luddites’ who yelled ‘where’s the return on investment’ with social media have now largely been put in their place…

…because social recommendation – either via social media or online retail reviews – has been proven to have a massive positive effect on Toy sales. Still don’t believe that? You need to wake up & smell the coffee on this one…! Last year was the first year when research proved that over half of all Christmas purchases in the UK were influenced to some degree at least by social recommendation.

If you still need help on how to effectively utilise social media for your business, feel free to get in touch – we offer a full Marketing service from Brand Strategy through to Execution…serious (professional!) enquiries only please, we tend to be booked for some months in advance.