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NPD Reports US Toy Market Flat yoy, So Why All The Doom And Gloom?

US Toy Market Maintains Market Size In 2012

Maybe it’s the optimist in me, but I can’t see what the Toy industry as a whole has to complain about right now.

For sure, time’s are tough at retail, and it would be a very short sighted company indeed that didn’t care about the fortunes of those who actually sell our products on to consumers. And consumers are certainly under pressure in several ways.

BUT…we work in an industry and with a product category that drives a significant amount of traffic into retail, and which delivers a huge amount of sales revenue for retailers. So yes, they may be having a tough time, but we as an industry are one of the bright spots, because parents just don’t cancel Christmas for their kids regardless of how tough things are.

So anyway, it came as no surprise to me at all that NPD reported that the US Toy market was flat year on year, with a hefty December boom in spending making up for a tough November.

We might prefer massive growth, but compared with many industries we are the fortunate ones…the size of the total opportunity in Toys has not gone down year on year.

There are always winners and losers. There are always massive hit products and massive dogs which just won’t move off shelves. Some companies are up, some are down, certain categories are up, some are down.

Let’s face it, there were plenty of winners in 2012.

The more defensive our mindset becomes the more a downward defensive spiral becomes self prophecising.

So success is there for the taking in 2013. I predict the overall US Toy market size will grow by low single figures c. 2-3% in 2013, but even if it’s flat again, it’s still worth many $billions, so we needn’t accept that doom and gloom must prevail!

P.S. To read more about NPD’s assessment of 2012, just click here: https://www.npd.com/wps/portal/npd/us/news/press-releases/after-year-of-uncertainty-consumers-reward-us-toy-industry-with-strong-finish-to-2012-holiday-season/

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